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Sacha Pollard

The R ‘n’ Tea With Sacha P

About the Show

Sacha P presents ‘The R in the Tea’. A blend of R’n’B, Hip Hop, commercial Pop and classic throwbacks… All done with a cup of tea.

Join us and go grab yourself a cup of whatever takes your fancy, whilst you sing along, chillax or shake what your fairy drag queen gave ya! Don’t forget to drop us a line, we want to know what you’re drinking. #WhatsInYourCup


Sacha P is a London kid born and bred, who has hopped over to Medway to live a life of calm, away from the big city.

Her love for music stems from childhood. Both of Sacha’s parents nurtured her love for music by ensuring she was exposed to absolutely everything. Her mother nurtured her love for the charts from the 80’s and 90’s, specifically Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Reggae music. Her father nurtured her love of Motown and Lovers Rock. And her grandmother nurtured her love for the classics, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Carpenters, The Everly Brothers and Musical Scores.

Sacha’s favourite music is…. everything. She would describe it as ‘A Cup of Difference’.

Sacha P can give the Queen of England a run for her money in her love for tea. Sacha’s tea fascination comes from her childhood growing up in East and North London where tea is served come rain or shine.

Had a bad day…Fancy a cuppa?

Got a promotion…Pop the kettle on polly!

Sacha’s favourite tea is anything that goes in a cup (including champagne and G&T’s!).

Sacha’s early career saw her dancing in a variety of different shows and events and at the legendary west end club Strawberry Moons. She matured into a dance teacher to children and adults. After a lengthy career in the hospitality industry, these days Sacha will be found with her head in her book, as she studies for her Masters Degree in Human Resource Management.

Make sure you tune in for your dose of R’n’B and we can sing and dance over some Tea.

We might even spill some from time to time…So be ready to chat. Cheers ☕️



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