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Competition Time

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Aren’t radio jingles annoying? You could do better! You can do better! Create a 15 second jingle that sums up Medway Pride Radio and send it to us at info@medwayprideradio.co.uk and we will get the best on air!

Volunteer DJs at Medway Pride Radio

Have you ever thought about being a radio DJ? You might have DJ experiance, You might be a complete beginer (We all were at one time)

Check our Volunteer page for more information

The Superstar DJ Show!

Medway Pride Radio is pleased to announce The Superstar DJ Show for 10 to 16 year olds. Every Saturday morning at 10am we will be turning the station over to the next generation for an hour of…. well that’s up to them!

To join, email us for a parental permission slip, then return the slip with your recorded set (29 minute running time please), and choose a suitable DJ name (as we will not broadcast real names), and we will get you on air!

For further details, and a permission slip email info@medwayprideradio.co.uk