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MPR Presenters

Hilary Cooke with Trans Flag
DJ / Presenter

Hilary Cooke is a founding member of MP Radio. The Chair of Medway Pride & CEO of Medway Gender & Sexual Diversity Centre has a passion and determination for improving the lives of LGBTQIA+ people.

She founded the South East Gender Initiative in 2011 who developed MGSD Centre in 2012 to deliver support services for the LGBTQIA+ community. She worked with the community to create Medway Pride Community Organisation and helped produce and deliver Gravesham & Medway Virtual Pride in 2020

Hilary has always had a love of music across all genres, from Trad to Big Band & B Bop Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass & Country Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Rock Blues, Pop, Progressive Rock, Electronic Dance Music.  She was involved in the local live music scene from the 1990's, promoting musicians & bands gigs in pubs and singing with local bands and at jam sessions.

Hilary's Friday show 'Hilary's Mash Up' will be just that, a mix of music from Classic Rock to Dance Party including from the local music scene. Hilary also has another show, The TransSister Radio Show

Her favourite bands are AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Santana, Genesis, Supertramp, Lindisfarne

Her other work for the community revolves around rasing awareness of Trans and Non-binary peoples needs, such as better access to healthcare. reducing discrimination and working with Kent police to highlight issues around hate crime and hate incidents.

Hilary is Chair of Maidstone Independent Police Advisory Group & a member of the Medway and Kent County IPAG's, She is an member of several NHS patient advisory groups and the joint Trans & Non-binary Health Care Advisory Group.

DJ / Presenter and Co-founder


Shea likes to refer to herself in third person this could be because she always wanted to be a pirate. She has been know you make innocent parties walk the plank. Shea is married to the long suffering Sarah who tries to keep her out of the worst of the trouble she creates. Shea collects records and high heeled boots and been known to dance badly to one while wearing the other. She would like to travel and work with animals if she grows up.

Shea as part of the MP Radio team was responsible for creating the technical structure behind the station, it would not exist without her knowledge and skills to run an internet radio station.

Shea Coffey is a founding member of MP Radio / Station Manager / DJ / Presenter. 

Mike Silver SQ
DJ / Presenter

Hello I’m Mike Silver,

I am a music collector of all genres, and have been for about 50 years.

Everything from Abba to Zappa and from Bartok to Big Bands. I am a chocoholic, food lover and I love old B movie Sci-Fis from the 50’s and 60’s, I love my garden and nature in general, I am here with big shoulders to lean upon and always ready to listen.

Mike Silver

I have worked in the medical arena as a Patient Representative / Patient Educator for about 10 years now, working with everyone from local pharmacies and local doctors surgeries, to CCG's and the NHS.

Also I have worked with the LGBT community here in Manchester on the Pride in Practice project. I work with medical students in Manchester Medical school as a Patient Educator, bringing the patients perspective to the students during their years at University, I have found this most rewarding. Lastly I am involved with several forums/groups meetings etc covering everything from LGBT matters , Dentistry, Pharmacy and PPIE (Patient Public Involvement and Engagement) oh and did I say I like chocolate?...lol

Isla Kingdom sq
DJ / Presenter
DJ / Presenter

Helanna, known as "H", is Chair of Gravesham Pride, a Member of Medway Pride Community Organisation Team & MGSD Centre. She is also a founding Member of Medway Pride Radio.

Helanna works in the NHS mental health services educating and encouraging both staff and patients to be out, proud and loud! She also advises and advocates for improved services for the LGBTQ+ community and provides training for staff on providing care for LGBTQ+ patients.

HER PERSONAL PRIDE "Pride for me will always be an opportunity to educate and inform. It is a way to educate those outside the community about us and educate the community about itself".

Helanna Bowler-Irvine

Helanna advises "I’m a child of the section 28 generation who came out in my teens at an all girls school… as you can image that did not turn out so well! Experiencing first hand the damage it can do when people are placed in an environment where LGBTQ+ matters are totally taboo, I made a promise to myself to never to stay quiet and ashamed again. Although I am an activist, educator and rebel at heart, first and foremost I will always be a mother and wife"

As for her favourite music she says " I like music that tells a story and punches you in the feels. My favourite band is Sick of Sarah and musician is Grace Petrie” 

Helanna's MP Radio program is called 'Lesbio Rock Out' 

Sophie Elizabeth Image
DJ / Presenter

Sophie grew up listening to all kinds of music before entering an emo phase she never left. This makes her a big fan of pop punk bands.

She spends lots of time at concerts and festivals, when global pandemics don't stop her, and enjoys supporting the local music scene. She's interested in music education, most notably educating her boyfriend on what good music actually is.

She also has a superpower - meeting celebrities by complete coincidence. This might be in restaurants, coffee shops or train stations but is always hilarious and something she looks forward to being able to get back to when it's safe.


Sophie also has a large collection of band merch, including a T shirt an ex stole from her five years ago that she finally replaced on Depop. Note: everything is replaceable.

Kellie Maloney

 Talking Sport with Kellie Maloney and Co presenter Joe Dunbar, covering the best of the weekends sporting news from Kellie and friends.

Kellie is an English boxing manager and promoter, and television personality. She managed Lennox Lewis to the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. While known as the promoter who took Lewis to the top, Maloney has also guided four other fighters to World Titles and has managed a string of British, European and Commonwealth Champions.

Kellie retired from Boxing in 2013 and began concentrating on television and radio broadcasting. She recently began working in boxing again as a promoter / manager of women's boxing. Kellie also has a keen interest in other sports which will be included in her program.

Sharon Jackson
DJ / Presenter

Sharon ( Shaz ) Jackson started Much Laughter in 2018 as comedy had played a big part of her life when life wasn’t being so kind. So she knew the power of comedy and laughter could help to back down barriers in communities.

Sharon Jackson     

Tommy C
DJ / Presenter

Tommy C joins us with 20 years DJ experience within the pub/club scene, with previous residencies and appearances stretching from Kent, all the way up to Aberdeenshire.

Tommy C 1

He currently resides in Medway's two foremost LGBTQ+ night time venues, The Ship Inn, Rochester, and Coyotes Bar & Nightclub in Chatham (pre-pandemic of course!). Post-pandemic, you'll find him overseeing the weekend's eclectic musical entertainment in either venue, and he has performed alongside the likes of Drag With No Name, Dave Lynn, Topping & Butch, Scarlet Diamonte, and many more.

Tommy C also works in Health and Safety within the utility industry, and does a touch of graphic design or geology outside the world of work and music.

Tommy C

Director of Design and Social Media

Hi I'm Sarah, long suffering wife of Shea, and the Director of Design and Social Media at the station. Musically I like what Shea tells me is good (I nod and agree, it really is easier), and have a soft spot for Take That.

I like art and spend much of my spare time sketching, so was happy to help create the show posters and some of the social media design.

I think Medway is a vibrant place, that has a real community feel to it and love the feel of Rochester.

Thanks for reading.


Sarah Coffey