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Musical Mayhem With Rob and Cal

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Musical Mayhem with Rob & Cal

What happens when you get 2 mates, one a young actor/writer and an older (feels ancient) theatre producer, ex theatre agent together to chat Musical Theatre?

You end up with this programme. Packed with music, chat, gossip, guests and prizes. Sometimes irreverent but always with love! Musical tunes for all tastes.

5 Comments on “Musical Mayhem With Rob and Cal

  1. It’s great that we have some appreciation of musicals on our local Pride Radio – love it! Full credit to Rob and Cal!

  2. Loving the show Guys, first time listening to the station, friend mentioned it to me! Was listening to the Sports programme and forgot to switched off and so glad I did, as I am a big lover of Musical Theatre and Theatre in general.

    The range of music on the show is superb and you guys seem to have a great rapport meaning it feels less pretentious than many MT radio programmes.

    I am also going to see “Six” at the Marlowe!

    Shall keep listening and look forward to next week’s show. Is there a link to share for this week’s show or is there a repeat ?

    Keep it up I will tune in !

    Lisa x

  3. So nice to listen in so far and nice chatting in the chat room.

    Great mix of music – classic MT to Modern.

    I want to get back to the theatre as soon as possible.

    Keep up the good work !

  4. Request – please play something from Lazarus if you can. I went on a first date with a lovely woman called Sam to see this, Sam is now my lovely wife.

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