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The Medway Pride Radio Panto (Oh No it isn’t!)

I was warned, Christmas is the silly season they said! Watch out for the bizarre ideas they said!

Hang on I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s skip back to just after Medway Pride, the evenings were light and the weather, well it was not ‘Brace for impact!’ like it is with the storms now.

Still glowing from Pride, I ventured to talk about Christmas programming, yes that is how far ahead we are, by the time you read this we will be thinking about rabbits, chickens, and overpriced chocolate.

‘What sort of programming should we do for Christmas?’

‘A panto’

The meeting cheered! I looked for the hero.

‘You can’t do a panto on the radio’

The meeting booed! I did not need to look around, I was the villain.

A few weeks later I happened to be in a meeting with Davids Stokes and Wilson… they raised the idea of a panto and my heart sank.

‘But surely pantos are somewhat visual’ I ventured

Five weeks later, in a whirlwind the Tasmanian Devil would have been proud of, David Wilson had managed to rewrite David Stokes’ original script, cast it, found a home for it, had script run throughs. And found a choir, yes, the panto had a choir!

The home for the night was Medway Little Theatre, a beautiful little (as it says on the tin) theatre.

For those who don’t know this 96 seat theatre first opened in 1958 and has more than 400 productions to its name. Situated in the Intra area, it is a hidden gem of a place.

On the night we got there early, and while the boys were thrilled to be allowed to visit the sound booth, Sarah and I were treated to a backstage tour. Backstage of any theatre is always a treat for me, it is a world seldom seen by the ticket-buying public, and somehow it manages to make one curious while dispelling myths at the same time. However, the feeling of history there was palpable, and set the tone for what was to come.

Having got drinks and snacks we settled the boys and the lights dimmed.

Snow White began….

No, I am not going to give anything away, other to say that the adults laughed as much as the children did, somethings in very different places, but the skills of David Stokes and David Wilson shone through. I later learned that David Wilson had directed rehearsals with his eyes shut to make sure it made sense on radio.

The cast were sparkling, and the choir was brilliant, and yes it all went perfectly, and the first Medway Pride Radio Panto was born.

I want to thank David Stokes, David Wilson, everyone at Medway Little Theatre, Mick the sound man, all the cast and the choir; all of you made a magical evening for the 12 or so families who were lucky enough to be invited, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Sunday 19th at 7pm.

See our socials for repeats.

Do Good Friday 3rd December

Medway Pride Radios Do Good Friday is back and this time we need your help to support the follolwing good causes that are helpinng people in Medway, Kent & Nationally

Transgender Awareness Week & Transgender Day Of Rememberance

Transgender Awareness Week, observed November 13th to November 19th, is a one-week celebration leading up to the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which memorializes victims of transphobic violence. It is a time when organisations and the government can reflect on how they are treating members if the Trans & Non-binary community. For the community to give advice to those seeking to help improver the lives of trans & non-binary people and remove barriers to accesing services and the workplace.

The important issues for the Trans and non-binary community are safety (Reduction in Hate Crime and Discrimination).

Access to Trans specific healthcare to reduce the gender incingruence (A Sexual Health Condition), the maximum waiting time to see a consultant on the NHS is 18week, The waiting time to see a Trans health specialist within the NHS is 4 years and climbing. The Healthcare pathway is broken and needs to be revised.

Transgender Day Of Rememberance

Every year on Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR), held on the 20th of November, we remember and honour the lives of trans and gender-diverse people reported murdered in the last 12 months. 

Who The Hell Gave This An Award?

You did!

Nominations are now open for Medway Pride Radio’s first ever music awards, hosted by Sophie Elizabeth on Who The Hell Put This On show. Nominations are open until late November with winners being announced on our radio awards ceremony between Christmas and New Years.

Nomination form

Nominations for Medway Pride Radio’s Who The Hell Gave

This An Awards taking place in December 2021 hosted by Who The Hell Put This On on Medway Pride Radio.

There are 11 categories which are as follows.

The Next Big Thing – There are 3 subcategories for this award for various locations. One for Medway, one for the rest of the UK and one for the rest of the world (International). This is the artist or group you think is going places, is up and coming… The artist/group you think will be The Next Big Thing. (Please make sure to write nominations in the correct categories. 
Best Single: This can be any song released as a single in 2021 from any artist/group.
Best Album: This can be any album released in 2021 from any artist/group.
Best EP: This can be any EP released in 2021 from any artist/group.
Music Video of the Year: This can be any music video released in 2021 from any artist/group.
Best Live Performance: This can be any live performance in 2021 from any artist/group.
Best Live Music Venue: This can be any music venue in the UK. 
Best Lyrics: This can be any song released in 2021 from any artist/group, but the category specifically focuses on the lyrics in the song.
Best Instrumentals: This can be any song released in 2021 from any artist/group, but the category specifically focuses on the instrumentals in the song.

More Posts for Show: Who The Hell Put This On?

Spin Out For Wizzy

Medway Pride – The Save Wizzy fundraiser

A one-off exclusive performance from the one and only Elberace! To raise funds to nurse Wizzy, the Pride car, back to health

During the first ever Medway Pride, we blew up H’s car, Wizzy. Wizzy and H had been very busy running about completing errands for everyone else at their own cost. The bill to repair Wizzy is substantial and as H and Wizzy were helping everyone else, we want to help foot the bill.

Elberace and other acts, have waived their fees and Ricky has kindly donated use of Coyotes for free, this means we are able to put on a night like Medway will never see again!

Come along and join us on 25 September for jokes, japes and jumpsuits!

The ticket price is just £8, with an added fee from Eventbrite of 92p. The entire £8 ticket price will go towards saving Wizzy! Anything over this will

Hate Crime affects all communities

Jigsaw is the first project in Kent to raise awareness of disability hate crime against people with autism and learning disabilities.

Our ‘living in fear’ 3-year research project told us that almost half of those surveyed experienced victimisation. Although the impact of crimes and incidents could be serious and long lasting, 62% didn’t report incidents to the police.

We raise awareness of hate crime and work with organisations to support the reporting of hate crimes, through reporting hubs. These hubs are in community facilities, such as mosques, community centres, shops and more.

We run disability awareness training with the police and 999/101 call handlers. This helps them to understand more about their needs and how to respond.

We also run hate crime awareness sessions for people with disabilities. These workshops focus on giving people the confidence to report incidents and how to do so.

Types of hate crime

  • Physical attacks
  • Damage to property
  • Offensive graffiti
  • Arson
  • Threats of attack
  • Abusive or obscene telephone calls
  • Anti-social behaviour and intimidation
  • Offensive language and harassment.

Reporting hate crimes

  • Speak to a police officer or PCSO. You can do this at your local police station
  • Call 101 if it is not an emergency
  • Call 999 in an emergency
  • Report your crime online www.report-it.org.uk through True Vision. Your report will be forwarded to the relevant police station.

Reporting hubs

We have been working with local communities to create reporting hubs across Kent and Medway so that you can report any hate crime.

  • Nucleus Arts in Chatham and Rochester
  • Mencap’s Medway branch
  • Aztec day services in Rochester
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Gillingham
  • Age UK across Medway and Kent
  • Kent Muslim Welfare Associate in Gillingham
  • Kent Women’s Muslim Welfare Association in Gillingham
  • Choice Support services across Kent.

Visit Our website for more information

Support for victims

Call Victim Support on 0845 303 0900.

or visit their website

LGBTQIA+ Hatecrime has also been on the increase, some of which has been blamed on the news media publising discriminatory articles about the trans community.

You can report hate crime and complete a survey about your experiances via www.hatecrime.app

Police appeal for whereabouts of ‘vulnerable’ girl, 16, missing since Friday last seen in London

Maya Keen was last seen at Liverpool Street Station

Police and the family of a teenager missing from Essex since Friday morning (September 3) are appealing for anyone who may have seen her to get in touch.

It is believed that Maya Keen, 16, from Stansted, is in London after she was last seen at 8.04am on Friday at Liverpool Street Station.

CCTV captured on Friday morning shows her wearing a pink wig, pink t-shirt, white skirt, white tights and white shoes. She was also pulling a black wheelie suitcase and wearing a black puma backpack.

Maya is five foot 10 inches tall and has shoulder length brown hair.
Her family say her disappearance is “extremely out of character” and that she is “vulnerable”.

They believe she has gone to London and are asking anyone who has seen her to get in touch with them or police.
You can do this by calling 101 and quoting MPC/4367/21.
Maya’s family have also set up a Facebook page Find Maya to try to spread awareness of her disappearance.
A statement shared by Essex Police said: “We are asking for help to find Maya Keen, 16, who is missing from her home in #Stansted.
“We know Maya left her home at about 7.30am on Friday, September 3 however there have been no confirmed sightings of her since.
“We want to locate her to make sure she is OK.

Musical Mayhem’s Competition Time!

To win go to www.medwayticketslive.co.uk/event/beauty-and-the-beast-2021 and count the number of performances of Beauty and the Beast

Email your answer to musicalmayhem@medwayprideradio.co.uk

For a double chance of winning also follow us on Twitter @mmrobcal

Competition closes on 4th September 2021

The Friday Blog

Last week somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 people descended on London, they marched, they partied, they were well behaved, and they had a blast. Speeches were made, songs were sung, and there was a lot of laughter.

I know….

You are thinking if 10,000 people showed up and marched in London you would know all about it. You think it would be on the news, in the press, or at least mentioned on London Radio.

But silence…..

You see they were all transgender people and their allies. Something that news networks just don’t report on. Yeah 200 men in nylon England shirts got reported…

Why was it important to have Trans Pride reported on? Well, as Mhairi Black’s eloquent speech on Thursday went a long way to explaining things (please give it a listen), I’ll just say there are people right now looking to break the T off of LGBT. Why? Because it makes it easier to attack the rest of the community later. To the general public the gay and lesbian society has spent the last 2 decades showing that they are ordinary folks, often a bit boring, so there is no hatred to feed on. Transgender people are still largely misunderstood, and the news blackout, or even worst total lies reported, scares folks.

If these far-right Christian fundamentalists (sorry but that is where the money comes from) win, trans rights will be rolled back, then what…… personally I think Bi rights will be next.

There have been reports this week of biological women being banned from the Olympics because their testosterone levels are considered to too high. Would you agree with banning men whose hormone levels don’t measure up? But in the banning of these women we see the groundwork done by the articles that suggest trans people are a danger in sport.

I am not for one second suggesting just letting all trans people play sport no matter what. I am suggesting we look at the issue with calm, clear heads and facts. I’m suggesting we have national conversations about sports and about bathrooms and we talk about inclusion rather than hatred. I’m suggesting that we talk about the state of trans healthcare, that we talk about saving and protecting children, that we let the public know that trans people face a 3 year wait for a first appointment….

3 Years…. just to have a very basic triage…

I’m suggesting we talk about why trans men are not being given Gender Confirmation Surgery…. at all….

I’m suggesting we talk about the safety of the trans and non-binary community, and of the attacks they receive.

I’m suggesting we, as a society talk.

However, as Thomas Jefferson wrote ‘a well informed electorate is prerequisite to democracy’.

And there is currently no chance that trans people are going to be allowed to speak, while gender critical people are interviewed everywhere.

See the problem?

So we at Medway Pride Radio along with other community stations, podcasts, LGBTQ+ groups, and social media folks are going to do all we can to let you know that we will have a trans rights protest on the 6th August at 1pm at Downing Street.

Things have to change.

Please consider coming along, support your trans brothers & non-binary folk. Be a trans ally, or maybe just turn up, say high and discover we are not the two headed monsters that some say we are.