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Niall “Wizard” Kingdom
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The Wizzards Trip Late Night Hour of Prog Rock

The Wizzards Trip Late Night Hour of Prog Rock

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00:00 - 02:00

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Hello to you, thank you for clicking on my beautiful mug.  I am Niall “Wizard” Kingdom, and I am the host of the Wizards Trip here on Medway Pride Radio.

I have the pleasure of being the DJ that is bringing the music that wouldn’t normally get the airtime to Medway Pride Radio, I am grateful to have the opportunity, and the confidence from this wonderful station.

I am a gigging bass player (well when not in a lock down) with two bands, Santiago Kings and Deltanaut.  I have a passion for all music, especially Prog and all of the broad brush genres that go along with it.  I have had the pleasure of playing gigs up and down the country and festivals, which has given me a free ticket to some amazing gigs, and a free pass to the back stage, where to be honest with you nothing really happens and the tea is terrible.

You are welcome to join me  from 12am Thursday. I am going to share the music that has shaped my weird and wonderful life and brain, with some education, some stories and some general “listen to this, it’s an absolute beauty.”

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