DJ / Presenter

I have always had a passion for music, but none of the talent to compose any, so I play it on my show, Jessica’s Jams every week on MPR.

I’m happy to listen to pretty much anything including rock, pop and rap but my first love has always been dance and electronic music having spent most of my childhood listening to trance music and drum n bass.

I took up DJing at friends birthday parties and the odd club or pub as a teenager but slowly moved away from that as life kind of got in the way.

I stumbled upon Medway Pride Radio not long after it was launched mostly hung out in the chatroom communicating via GIFs and answering Shea’s musical quiz questions with “Jedward” (which is always the correct answer, Shea is such a huge Jedward fan). Shea decided “Yeah that’s the sort of person I want on the airwaves” and gave me a show. Unfortunately GIFs don’t translate too well for radio so I decided to play dance music instead.

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