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Open a radio station they said, It’ll be fun they said…..

……And it is

I was asked about this back in December (you remember shops were open) by Hilary Cooke. There were many reasons NOT to do this project, and as many reasons to do it, ultimately what convinced me to do it was the passion of Hilary, and her overwhelming belief that we can make things better for all people not just the LGBTQIA+ community.

However, it is with the LGBTQIA+ community where this starts! In the coming weeks and months, we will be reaching out across Medway and indeed much, much further to bring you great music, some fantastic entertainment, a mix of DJ’s and presenters, and hell, we may even do some good locally!

We start broadcasting on Monday at 6pm, and from the beginning you will notice some things that are very different. The starting line up of DJ’s range from those with bags of experience to someone who, as I write this on Thursday night has just ‘gone live’ for the first time, having never done anything like this before (Jayne, you were amazing!). So please bear with us in the first couple of weeks if we don’t quite get everything right, that said I am so very proud of each and every person who has gotten involved. It is a lot of fun, but also a commitment and fair bit of work.

I want to thank my fellow co-founders Hilary and H for partnering with me on this exciting project and putting their faith in me. Sarah, who is designing the social media and putting up with me, and the DJ’s/presenters who have come onboard some at very short notice. All have been working hard this past couple of weeks to create a station we can rightly be proud of, and it would not have happened with everyone’s efforts.

I’ll be posting (mostly) about music every Friday.

In the coming weeks we will be showcasing the great and the good of Medway and beyond, and we will be having a fantastic time doing it. I hope you tune in. I hope you enjoy what you hear, and I hope you feel inspired to get involved either at the station or at one of the community groups we help promote.

It is after all your station, your community, your Medway. Take Pride.


Join MP Radio Community

Medway Pride Radio is a Not For Profit Community radio station run by volunteers. The station was founded by Shea Coffey, Hilary Cooke & Helanna Bowler-Irvine, to support Medway Pride, the LGBTQIA+ communities and Allies from across all the diverse communities of Medway & Kent.

MPRadio is based at Medway Gender & Sexual Diversity Centre in Rochester in the heart of INTRA, where we aim to be part of the local community. We start broadcasting from 1st February 2021 to support LGBTQIA+ History Month.

Check out our web app at www.mpradio.app once the app is loaded on your device you can save the app to your screen.

DJ Drawing

The station has a mix of DJ’s and Presenters who will be providing programs that are varied and intresting.

Have a listen to our programs and give us your feedback via our social media or contact details.

Are you a interested in working in broadcast radio? Would you like an opportunity to join a local community radio station as a voluntary DJ?

We are looking for volunteers to help produce and deliver our programs. You could be media students or older people, DJs, musicians, presenters, who wish to work professionally or as a hobby in radio broadcasting. People who would love to be part of the MP Radio project, to join our voluteers, gain experiance in presenting and what happens behind the scenes of a internet based community radio station.

If you are a member, allie, supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community, are over 16 and you would like to join MP Radio as a volunteer DJ / Presenter, Blog writer, journalist, please contact info@medwayprideradio.co.uk

A Voice for the Community

MP Radio will be a voice for the whole community. We will have a focus on giving a voice to the LGBTQIA+ community, its allies, voluntary organisations and businesses that support the community.

We also want to be a champion for all voluntary organisations to promote the fantastic work they do for every community in Medway & Kent.

MP Radio is based in the INTRA area of Chatham & Rochester and we will be supporting the developments and projects in INTRA by giving a voice to those involved and the work they are doing.

If you are a voluntary organisation who wish to join the MP Radio community, we are looking to promote you and the work you do for the community through our community pages and broadcast articles. If you are interested in promoting your work, are able to give an audio presentation / interview about yourself, the work you and your organisation provides we will include you as one of our voluntary community organisations which we will advertise for free during our weekly schedule of programs.

If you are a business that wishes to advertise with MP Radio and support the work we do we can deliver an advertising package to suit your requirements.

If you are interested in any of the above please contact us at info@medwayprideradio.co.uk

MP Radio

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A New Beginning

Medway Pride Radio

February 2021 during LGBT History Month is when the opening broadcast from MPR begins. Come back on the 1st of February for some great music for the LGBTQIA+ comnunity and everyone else.

MP Radio is a community not for profit internet radio station, looking to support the promotion of voluntary groups and organisation across Medway & Kent that support the LGBTQIA+ and the wider comunity.